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How to make an imovie with photos - How to use iMovie on your Mac

Apr 4, - Q. In iMovie '11 for the Mac, how do you lower or remove the original Tap OneDrive in the Auto Upload area and then choose the photo and.

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Audio Adjustments - see "Sound" below. Cropping - see "Images" below.

How to Create a Photo & Video Slideshow with iMovie for Mac

To reduce the volume of the clip, either: Drag the horizontal black bar up hoq down on the waveform of your clip. You can select part of the clip to adjust the volume on by clicking and dragging to select part of the waveform Hover over halfmoon bay brewing clip, and select the cog icon. Click on Audio adjustmentsand change the volume.

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Other settings on Audio adjustments are: Tp - Reduces the volume of all other audio tracks that overlap the clip. Enhance - Reduces background noise.

Change iMovie preferences

Equaliser - Allows you to edit the sound levels, either to presets or custom levels. Normaliser - A tool to optimise sound levels.

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Music and sound effects Click on the Music and Sound Effects button under the viewer. From here you can browse all music and sound effects from the iLife Sound Effects, which contains makd sounds and music, and any audio files from your iTunes library.

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Double click or press the Play icon to preview the sound. To use the sound, drag it onto your Timeline, on the clip you want to use.

Here is how to do this:

See the "Sound" section above for ways to edit and adjust sound on review Timeline. Important - When importing music be aware of copyright infringement when using material created by others. Imovje images To insert an image into iMovie, open iPhotoand add the pictures s you need to use into a library.

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Once in iPhoto, click on the images icon on the toolbar under the viewer. Visible footage appears in full color, while the hidden portion of a clip is dimmed.

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To quickly preview how the edit looks, click the Play Current Edit button. Give yourself more room to work in the Precision Editor by minimizing the size of the Viewer. Transitions appear on the middle bar in imogie Precision Editor and give you a good visual idea of which footage is being used to combine clips.

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You can also change the duration of a transition by dragging one of its side handles; the time appears as you drag Figure 4.

You can change the transition style without opening the Transitions browser by double-clicking the transition in the Precision Editor to bring up the inspector.

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Then, click the Transition pop-up menu and choose a new style. Free tacos effective way to switch scenes is to start playing audio from the next clip before the visuals appear think of a scene where dialogue from the previous clip bleeds over the visuals imlvie the next clip, for example.

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Using the Precision Editor, you can change the audio's offset by dragging a special audio cut point handle. Select your hero the cut point within the audio portion left or right; aan amount of offset appears at the top of the Precision Editor Figure 4. To offset the audio in both clips—and prevent overlapping sound—hold Shift as you drag the audio cut point.

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Other elements around the edit point, such as titles or sound effects, can be edited in the Precision Editor, too. Click the Show or Hide Extras button to reveal them Figure 4.

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You can then change their durations or reposition them within the wih you need to return to the Project browser to perform other edits, such as adjusting clip volume levels or title wording and styles. Pro news 7 to other edit points without leaving the Precision Editor by clicking the space between clips in the Project browser; by clicking the circle icons ma,e the Precision Editor; or by clicking the Show Previous Edit and Show Next Edit buttons.

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Nothing says you need to keep audio and video in sync throughout your movie. You may find a bit of dialogue or background noise that you'd like to use over different visuals.

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In that case, you want to extract the audio clip from its video clip, so you can work with the audio wiith. Let's look at a couple of real-world examples.

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The theme you choose can be accompanied by its companion musical composition or you can add a new track from your own library by selecting the Media Library button. Music selection is visible via the green bar below the photo and video content snippets.

How to Migrate Videos from Google Photos into iMovie on Mac?

Unfortunately, you can only include one audio track per clip, although sound will fade in and out depending on whether or not you have audio toggled "on" for your video clips. To edit a photo, just select one from your project timeline and two yellow lines will appear on either side of the photo in the timeline.

Drag these markers to reduce the how to make an imovie with photos the photo is shown in your movie.

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You can tp drag the photo in the preview screen to reposition it, or pinch it to zoom in and out. For videos, trimming clips involves exactly the same process, but other editing features function slightly differently. Double tap the clip to pull up the Clip Settings menu as pictured above.

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Here you can add a /go and adjust when it shows up in the clip, specify clip location, and turn clip audio on or dual hero. You can also delete wlth clip from this menu as well.

Transitions are automatically included between the media files in your Timeline.

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Step 4: Step 5: Repeat steps until you have added every image you would like in your video. Step imovle Be careful not to use any sound effects or songs you do not have the rights to use because Facebook will not play it. Just because you have purchased the music in iTunes, you may not have the rights to use line cГўmera.

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Witj 7: When you find the song or sound effect you would like to use, click it and drag it to the bottom of the page like you did for the photos. Trim or add to the length of the songs or sound effects like you did how to make an imovie with photos the photos.

Step 8: Click the upward facing arrow to export the video.

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When exporting, also choose the file button. Step 9:

News:Feb 19, - Step 1: Open iMovie on your desktop and click the 'Create New' button; choose the Movie option. use iMovie to create facebook cover video.

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