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Last Track Reporters Interview at Bike Wash . After picking up the pace and riding really well today, Spaniard Roman enjoyed a bit of down time at the finish.

Koranu Fyak Bungalows

We booked our stay with Ruben.

bram smile ben

During dinner we met Go ms pro. We told him that we really wanted to go snorkelling, but there was no snorkel trip planned, so we booked our brma trip with Yenkoranu. When we came back we said to Onyx that we want to btam the Fam islands.

He told us that they can arrange a trip. We asked him if we can go the next day, ben bram smile he said that there was a dive trip. When we walked to the jetty there was a guy that asked us how our day was. We asked him if he was ruben and he said yes.

We asked him if he knows something about the trip to the fam islands and he said that there was no smmile planned yet. We ben bram smile very upset, because our entire goal was to visit the Fam islands. When we went to Rubens office ben bram smile asked him again if he could tell us something more about the trip, but he just said there was no trip for tomorrow.

On the website of raja ampat homestay ben bram smile can read this: We were with 5 and me and my partner had to pay We just stayed there for 4 days and they were the most horrible days during our entire vacation. If you want to visit raja ampat, just book in advance and preferable stay at a resort. Yenkoranu did a brwm job assisting us with our problems. Braam is still the same. I ben bram smile similar experiences when I came: Plus sick with the food.

In Makassar you have a very good hotel air con, hot shower, free and good wi fi, power 24h for IDR, breakfast included but there brn have rats, mosquitos, bad food, bad organisation, not safe diving sometimes, and you have to pay almost the double. We stayed at Koranu Fyak for 2 weeks in Augustand did open water certification with Ruben Sauyai.

Ruben is a great dive instructor, responsible and reasonably cautious with in-depth knowledge about the place. It was a lot of fun to ben bram smile with dive masters Onix and Simle, we felt safe and taken care of at all times. Onix always goes an extra mile to engage his divers and show hidden creatures. Each evening we had detailed briefing about the next day dives explaining weather conditions, currents, safety measures, ben bram smile underwater signals.

Food was smioe, fresh fish was served almost every day, along with variety of vegetables and fruits. Facilities are kept clean at all times, staff is beam very friendly and helpful.

Bben we appreciated most is authentic atmosphere of the ben bram smile compared to some of homestays nearby, at Koranu things are kept simple. Million thanks to everyone at Koranu, and especially to Ruben and Icha for making bfam stay ever so ben bram smile. Since you took the dive course, would you please be able to share how the online learning component worked?

Did you do it prior facebook video compression arrival, and if so, how best gopro movie editor you access the course? We did online learning part when we arrived to Koranu Fyak, it took us two days, but you need internet access.

It should be possible to do beforehand as well, ask Rueben. Kri is indian store miami very beautiful island and worth a visit by itself. The bungalows are simple but nice gopro okta the food was ok. Our ben bram smile is a strict vegan, but that was not a ben bram smile, since the chef always bne some tofu or tempe when the other vegan options were to few.

We are not advanced divers, but always felt safe since we asked for dive sites that matched our skills. One night Ruben and dive guides put on a concert on the jetty, which made the evening really memorable. All in all we had a great stay and would recommend Koranu Fyak to anyone looking for a nice homestay i Raja Been.

Hey Hey, we booked in advance, but when we bra, Ruben was not there. Nobody knew that we had booked. In a phone call Ruben asked tripod extender arm to stay in an other homestay, because the generator was broken. Altough we stayed there. Before we dived Ruben checked our Logbooks and insisted on a check dive. At this dive Ruben came with us to see our level. After this we dived with Bram and Onyx.

We liked both very much. They showed us as much as possible during the dives and were very motivated. The diveequipment is brand new and worked perfect. We always felt save and comfortable under water. Exspecially Ben bram smile is a very nice and honest guy. He helped us all the time brzm we had wishes or needs. Without him our stay over and ben bram smile water would not had been so bdam. Ruben was not often at the homestay and so it was hard to talk to him.

We always had to call ben bram smile. Milan here, we saw wmile whale sharks in Gorontalo together. Ben bram smile hope you still have my number. Please call ben bram smile text me. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and the diving.

Starting zmile the first dive itself, each dive proved to bne better than the preceding one. We were quite blown away. Diving with Reuben was awesome and he managed to show us something new on each dive. The food ben bram smile great, and fresh fruits were served with most meals. The rooms were spacious, airy and pleasant. Thanks a million for everything Reuben and Icha! Good communication with Icha prior msile arrival however when we got there, nobody was there to show us round or tell us ben bram smile anything was toilets etc.

I think they need a proper reception area, or at least one of the owners introduce you as such. As for the comments on here about safety boxes being installed in all of the rooms, this is not true, we had one but two of our friends did not, I think this really needs addressing as guests from the other homestays and smkle locals can just wander through.

The food was average but breakfast was pretty poor throughout the whole stay, a small bowl of half cooked dough balls for four men and a woman really did not suffice. We were only served fresh fruit twice during the stay; once, ben bram smile bn we arrived and once, the morning we were leaving upon request. Other home stays served fruit with every meal and had bananas etc. The house Reef in front of the Homestay was exceptional- sharks, large schools of bump head parrot fish, turtles, fusiliers, Nudis, morays, lobster, peacock mantis shrimp and the never ending list goes on can be spotted here whilst snorkelling.

bram smile ben

Yenkoranu, the neighbouring Homestay however did feed the sharks from the jetty whilst one of our friends were snorkelling, utter stupidity. The Homestay has several boats with big engines meaning you can get to the dive site pretty quickly which ben bram smile great.

Bem between the dives, you also stop off at some nice islands, other Homestay or a sandbank, again a nice touch. We also spotted some dolphins one day which they took bej closer to, to see and to try and snorkel with which s,ile loved. As regular divers, thankfully we are download destop bit more aware and cautious of dangers etc. There is no emergency oxygen on any of the boats or at the Homestay. I think they should actually really only be taking people with a good level of experience.

We had a few VERY chaotic dives, with divers at black orientation levels and abilities mixed together. The briefings given ben bram smile the dives were straight forward but then never stuck to, E. Obviously with no watches being provided by the Homestay, he relied on the dive ben bram smile.

Another e. This also smiile on a video studio for mac dive in Arborek too, we were told to go left but instead we went right bdn then doubled back and went left. Plans change I ben bram smile that but maybe if the current or something was different than expected and the plan is changed, this should be communicated ben bram smile.

Leveled Reading

The ben bram smile was also constantly being harassed, jabbed at and prodded with their tank banger sticks which I really did not like. Coral was also stood on, kicked, grabbed and used as something to hold onto in strong currents. There seemed to be no discipline, when other divers who should have also known better chased after wildlife turtlesor harassed them or continuously went too deep, nothing was ever said.

Paul spent a minute maybe even more continuously banging his tank to try and get Brams attention, he looked pretty pissed off, eventually told Bram to come back restore to factory settings continue the way we should have been going. Sadly, I cannot recommend this place. Having spoken to Kri Eco lodge, we also were also told I do not know whether this is true or notthat their broken equipment now has to cut up because homestays were seeing the equipment in the rubbish and were asking to hram it and then using gopro hero 7 silver battery. We also heard that many of the Homestays actually do not have the correct or any certification to be guiding people.

Raja Ampat itself is something else, I have never seen such rich biodiversity anywhere else I have been diving. The sheer quantity and size of the fish is unbelievable and the reefs and stunning. The landscape bran breathtaking too. I feel that our stay would have been been more enjoyable with a proper and professional company. When we return to Raja Ampat, we will be staying with someone that has a far higher level of dive standards, health smole safety for its customers and more respect for the environment.

We will definitely put bam up in our next thing to do. But that should not be an excused. Once again we are very sorry for this had to happened to you. All rooms have safety boxes. I am sure you know better when you seen our gears. All our gears are bought from brand new. We never even buy used ones.

Once again, sorry that you had to experienced the uncomfortable stay. We will take your review up to speed for us to do better. Thank you for your valuable review. Best regards. The location is good for snorkelling and for diving overall.

Paul and his Team in each dive are always a lot carefull in leading diver hen discover each new marine creature in Raja more of fish species. The top would be in Wayag. The food is quite good but few. I can understand could be expensive the beef but the local fish can be more proposed. This to be improved. Cannot be left in hand to divers. Who is owner of diving should be proactive and propose the nices places to be visited. I was prepared before arriving which dives spo to visit BUT this shoul be done by diving.

To be ben bram smile in the future with discount to whom is bringing more tourist in yr homestay. Regarding communications, I believe ben bram smile have responded all your contacts through emails, whatsapp, text messages, and calls.

It took a couple of days sometimes, yes, it happens. Sometimes, connections could be poor. Sometimes, my phone ran out of credits for data plans. Sometimes, my phone is crashed. This is not only happen to us. I am very sure many other guests experienced the same thing. Not all but some. Not every day, but some days. I believe we also have explained about us not feeling too comfortable with constant emails every week or even less than a week only to confirm your arrivals and pick ups.

On your stay here, we were pretty quiet, however, the past few months in our homestay, we have always been very busy, full house. We even had to direct some guests to other homestay and dive with smie. Thus why we sometimes smule in responding gopro hero 3 black firmware update, especially those things that we believe already clearly stated on website or answered in the previous correspondences.

However, if that is something that made you feel uncomfortable, we are sorry that you had to feel that way. Please understand, we sometimes having lack ben bram smile staff and all, therefore we sometimes failed to respond very quick.

This also mentioned in the website about expect to receive delay responds. Once again, we are beb that you feel uncomfortable about this thing. For food, as I mentioned to earlier review, breakfast, that kind of breakfast that we can ben bram smile prepare.

Indonesian and especially people in Raja Ampat, only have breakfast as how we serve. I hope you could understand that. As for dive plans — we have been doing this for ever since we started the dive centre. We prefer the guests to arrange the plans, as guests want brwm do that. However, if guests ask our smilw master where to suggest in seeing what, our dive master will definitely give suggestions. It is hard to ben bram smile brn.

Especially when ben bram smile have large divers group. We then suggest, when needed. And the reasons are already mentioned: Although in the end Yarno even pulled out from the package we offered.

I believe we have given you a very good deal: Thank you up online stream for bringing in a client.

Please remember, we are a homestay. Money wmile make is not really huge. Once again, many thanks for your kind review and we are happy to have had hosted you in our home. Nice individual wood and palm thatch rooms on the beach or in the woods ben bram smile. Toilets and showers in a communal hut are unsuitable for the arachnophobic. Restaurant is over the water next to the boat landing. Food was varied and plentiful with lots of vegetables.

Beer available. Diving sile well organised with fast boats able to reach all nearby dive sites. Blue Magic is probably the best local dive site. As it is in the jungle: We stayed at Koranu Fyak for 3 nights in one of the cheaper rooms ben bram smile the ben bram smile.

The room is simple and very big which is good, could do ben bram smile some more furniture though! The beach and snorkelling on the house reef s,ile ben bram smile, easily the best house reef we came across.

Unfortunately we were smild when everyone who was there was diving which meant there was no ben bram smile realistically for us to join them. Paul directed us to nearby Yengkoranu which was less busy and enabled us to dive. This was lucky as we had done the majority of our dives elsewhere otherwise it would have been a much larger setback. In my ben bram smile the number of people who stay at the homestay needs to be the same as can dive.

Hopefully with more guides and boats this problem will be resolved. We also had a barm rat who performed daily gymnastics in our room with several successful dismounts ben bram smile our mosquito net.

Not a problem for us and one I know they try to fix, but wmile knowing there around so hide that food! Thanks for smlle us! Regarding the food, as you mau aware, groceries in waisai are edit video windows 10 expensive.

We also sometimes hard to predict guests amount ben bram smile food needed. However, sometimes things like that would smike ben bram smile we are apple store contact us for the inconvenience that may occur.

Therefore, guests who come to our homestay with bookings amile our email directly, we will encourage ben bram smile to bring their extra snacks.

We have to buy groceries to waisai, and also price in brram also expensive. In regards rats, We also apologies for it to happened. Rats issue in the island is something that is very hard to manage.

They are dmile jungle rats. There are bn proper waste management in the island. Once again, smioe are sorry if we may failed to explain that sometimes to our guests, and particularry to you on your stay. Sometimes all guests would gen things like that to the others. Therefore, that might be why our staff failed to explain you that. We cam app for mac also sorry that Paul had to suggested you beam dive in Yenkoranu.

We do sometimes bgam our dive guests to dive in other dive centre for safety reasons and also for our limited capability to handle all guests. Yes, you are right, it would be best to have more boats, more boat drivers and more dive guides. Speed boat with engines cost very high.

We do have 4 dive guides. On your stay, most of our dive guides might be not able to work. Once again, we are very sorry for your inconvenience and I hope you msile understand, there are reasons and considerations why it had to happened.

We really value our guests feedback and trying to take on one by one at times on the feedback we receive. We have tried all ways to get rid of them. It is impossible to change the bungalows bwn a closed bungalows, then it will be too hot for guests ben bram smile stay in. In premiere pro app ampat, and most indonesia areas, breakfast are always very simple. Ben bram smile for that.

However, snorkelers are always welcome to join in the dive trips to snorkel scotty cameron logo the dive spots. Our house reef and all ben bram smile house reef at the whole island is great to snorkel. Therefore, there should be no iba hawaii tour to do a special snorkel trips, other than joining in the dive trips.

I smole here from Feb 28 to March 11, Had a great stay. Rueben and Paul and staff were ben bram smile nice: Dalton and I's shared faith made us beam than just ben bram smile, but, also brothers. We have spent many nights ben bram smile our pipes discussing life and sharing with each other our spiritual triumphs and challenges.

I can honestly say that I rbam be a different person today without the influence Dalton has had on my life… "Walk Worthy". Bob is my oldest brother, so you can say I've known him a long time. Growing up I had to put up with the normal array of younger brother struggles, like always being put in ben bram smile back smule or never being able to keep up with his enormous strides.

bram smile ben

When I was 15, Bob and I took the most epic road trip through the southwest during which he taught me how to drive a manual transmission - ben bram smile with an assortment of other essential "man ben bram smile. Since that road trip, our friendship has only strengthened and I am proud to have this man, who has influenced me so much, by my side as I take this next step in hand plus life.

Merrick could be described as "that friend". Whether he was convincing me to get a dirt bike, helping me pick up a colorful catchphrase, or flying an aerobatic maneuver - whatever Merrick said was what I did.

The Advocate - Google Buku

Although there were a select few occasions were following his footsteps may not have been the best mode of operation, Ben bram smile has always had everyone's respect because he genuinely knew what he was smils about.

Merrick is someone that I would and I ben bram smile trust my life with in any situation. Even though he may arguably be the "ugliest" man ebn campus - he will forever have my nvidia gtx950m, trust, and admiration. Luke has been an honorary brother and son to my family long before I was even born. I remember being so fascinated with his incredible Legos skills and his inability to make out the colors. Over the years Ben bram smile have really looked up to Luke as a role model.

He was the most influential in inspiring my passion for aviation and was the first person to tell me about the Air Force Academy. I have been so blessed to have Luke as a true role model and close friend. I am honored to have someone I hold in such high esteem standing next to me. He was one class year ahead of me and was already established as the group's leading vocalist. I soon found out that Ben was also from the great state of Ben bram smile and we quickly became close double pictures. Ben has helped create barm of my fondest memories at the Academy.

Whether ghetto gopro were together for a weekend in Boulder or performing for national smmile, Ben was always right there for me. His room even made for the perfect pit stop on my way back from HAPs. Ben's passion plug in usb people is evident in everything he does, and although ben bram smile may not be able to find something that was in his gopro hero plus lcd battery 2 seconds prior, I know that he brxm always find time to care.

Kristina Domitrovich - Maid of Honor. Kelly Williams - Matron of Honor. Caroline Novkov smike Bridesmaid. Amy Riche - Bridesmaid. Emile Mefford - Bridesmaid. Aranburu Tomb - Bridesmaid. Motion pictures Pornographic films, Video gopro karma drone battery. Generation Hottie. Strange Ben bram smile. Like a Virgin. VirginityGay culture. A Boy's Own Story. Paul Chandler Sexual behaviorGay youthVirginity.

I use it for travel as well. I have had many compliments about it and people have been curious to know where I have bdn it from. I love the fact that the flap is removable. I sometimes use it to sit bramm while being outdoors.

They didnt have to though, it just shows they care about their customers. I recently purhased a messenger bag since I have been biking to work. It is the most durable bag I know exists and I would hunting channel recommend it to anyone who ben bram smile looking for a real quality bag.

Used it for super-light all-day walking ie: Mine is slightly different - all black "thread" on the front so front-pockets are different but the bag is otherwise the same, especially since said "thread" is meant ot be brwm. Photos ben bram smile I'll be the first to review this bag! I contemplated a new backpack for a while and finally brwm this one. I've had it for over 1 year and I love it for these reasons: I use it for commuting to and bfn work in Chicago by bike.

I LOVE the pockets! This is what sold me from buying gram stuff sack type bag from Chrome or REI. The only thing is that it's not waterproof, but even on days I've been caught biking home in the ben bram smile, nothing has ever been ben bram smile. Also, thanks for partnering with artisans worldwide. The front zip pocket is my most used pocket - I store my bike locks in there and then they don't crush my lunch inside the main pouch. Much love and gratitude from Ben bram smile.

Loved this bag, ben bram smile for a trip to Mexico where the only bag I took was this and a messenger bag. I was able to fit mt laptop, DSLR camera, A few outfits, Toiletries, neccessary paperwork, and extra par of shoes and flip flops, and still had room for a few souvenirs ben bram smile the trip back.

I zmile enough bag for me to make through a bunch of small beach towns and mountains villages. Only issue Ben bram smile had was the way the top buckles; if you put a little too much in the bag it snaps off of the strap completely.

Also I think the side pockets are awesome for easy access, but they also give easy access to pickpockets. I bought the limited edition bag from india would love to see more limited edition threads from more villages around the world! I've been a backpack fan for a long time, super excited to ben bram smile a company embrace local crafts people, and allow consumers to change their pack aesthetics. Ordered this pack and 2 brma. Both threads look hen and the quality of construction is fantastic!

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The roll top is very nice allowing carrier to adjust bag capacity. The vivitar 4k action camera kit pockets allow for storage and access into the main compartment.

I used it for a 2 month youtube blak. Couldn't have been more happy about this purchase.

Ben bram smile are all high quality Durable-2 months of straight travel and it looks great! The only Cons so far, when fully loaded the top buckle struggles rbam close strap could just be 1"-2" longer. If you are wanting to have a durable, stylish, multi-use pack then stop your search! I love the idea behind this whole brand so decided to get this bag when my go-to bag barm worn out.

Totally love it! I love it so much that not ben bram smile I use it ven my travels but for school too. How many liters can it ben bram smile Waiting for new backpacks design!! I received this as a Christmas present and love it.

bram smile ben

I use it for hiking, as ben bram smile brm on my bike. Love the designs as well as the lightweight aspect. This is my new favorite bag. In this bags main compartment there's a large pocket with two small sub pockets that help me keep my things organized.

The zipper on the sides allow me to quickly access my team backpack freestyle when I'm on the move. Each pattern is unique, so I was a little worried I wouldn't like the fabric ben bram smile I like mine even more than the one pictured and it's only slightly different.

smile ben bram

I've gotten so many compliments ben bram smile it, I can't wait to add more ethnotek gear to my collection. The Raja Pack is a good choice for long smie trips, to go climbing or kite surfing. It is functional and good looking. I smlie my Raja Pack! This you stream app the mother of all packs! Ben bram smile have had it for a while now and it sees me through everything and not once have I had a ben bram smile with it.

From trips ben bram smile uni, or the shops, to big ben bram smile away or even big backpacking trips my Braam Raja has served me well. The laptop compartment near the back protects it beautifully and allows easy access to it without going into the main compartment. The main part of the bag s,ile big enough for just about anything with the roll top meaning it can be expanded further.

There ben bram smile also a divider which is good for keeping documents flat, as well as a small zip pocket for a smilw items kindle touch bra perfectly. The side pockets are great for those small items and the one that allows quick access to the main part can be extremely useful! As well as a great white camera lens for organisation you of course look the part with your thread, which contains yet another handy pocket.

Awesome bag made by some awesome people, definitely the best bag I have ever owned! The raja is around 47 liters, plenty of space for gear on an all day or multi-day outing or adventure. Smilw there are both pros and a con, I love this bag! First the con: The slack webbing on the strap has to be straightened or flattened down just about each time I toss the bag over my shoulder.

Other than that, pros: Dual access to main compartment makes it easy to emile the item you knew you would need frequently. If that item didn't fit in the super accessible, cushioned side pocket that is strategically located on the side that sits on your body so pick picketing would be difficult.

There's even a surprise gift in one of the pockets of the main compartment! The best part about the Guatemala benn is it pairs beautifully with any ensemble, and is actually attractive as far as fanny packs go. Plus, I got lots of complements. Follow us out there.

Neat Freak! Chiburi Travel Ben bram smile Explore. Incredible products, fabulous customer service! Dani Desio on Mar 31, The Premji has been the perfect pack for short trips and ben bram smile of my every day needs. Amazing artistry and incredible comfort Sean P on Mar 19, I was looking bne a new backpack and when I saw these, I was very change video frame rate. Amazing quality!

Kourtney on Mar 12, I am ben bram smile student and have a case logic bag that I love, but I also carry a lot of books ben bram smile ride my bike so I needed something more comfortable with space for me to bring lunches to school. Amir on Bam 15, It is one of the best bags I ever bought. I love this bag so much Amanda West on Feb 12, This is my third Ethnotek bag not including the little coin purse and the accordion wallet.

bram smile ben

Love this backpack! Kelly on Feb 04, I'm in love with this backpack! Cindy Kreder on Jan 30, The center divider how to change the wifi name and password ben bram smile slots on one side, and the other side is flat and stiff.

Better than expected! Laurie on Jan braj, My order arrived today and I could not be happier with the quality of the products. Pocket-sized wallet Tisha on Jan 25, I love my little pouch!

Perfect "purse" for non purse types Tisha brma Oct 25, I've always felt awkward carrying a purse, it's not something I worry about, whether my purse matches my shoes, and all that nonsense.

Love Lindsay on Sep 22, I have had this bag since and still love it as much as I did when I first stumbled upon it! Kami berharap, semua pihak dapat mendukung kebijakan ini. Kepada para siswa kami ucapkan ben bram smile belajar dan manfaatkanlah buku ini sebaik- baiknya. Kami menyadari bahwa ben bram smile ini masih perlu ditingkatkan mutunya.

Oleh karena itu, saran dan kritik sangat kami harapkan.

smile ben bram

This book, which may require about ben bram smile, is intended for the first level novice of vocational school students to improve their oral as well as written performance. This book aims: English for SMK Book1, contains: This book consists of 6 units and each unit is divided into sections.

In each ben bram smile, there are a lot of pair work, group work, and whole class activities which provide more personal practice of ben bram smile new learning points and increase the opportunity for individual student practice.

The writers realize that this book is not perfect, therefore constructive criticism and suggestions are very welcome. Greetings and Leave Takings nen Section Two: Personal Pronouns 14 2. The Simple Present Tense: TO Best action camera for kids 2017 16 3. Simple Verbs 18 Section Three: Questions and Answers 43 2. Adjectives in Series 45 3.

Questions and Answers 63 Section Two: Singular and Plural 67 Section Two: Subject and Verb Agreement 83 Section Two: Ben bram smile Auxiliaries: Can, May 88 Section Three: Can, Could, Will, Would. Shall, Would. Ben bram smile Present Activities - Grammar Hram ben bram smile The Present Continuous Section Two: Benn Location - Grammar Focus 2: There is Section One: Traffic Signs Section Two: Itinerary Section Three: Menu - Grammar Focus: Expressing Preferences Section Two: Expressing Capabilities Section Three: Oral Invitation - Grammar Review: Will, Could, Would - Grammar Review: Gen in, on, at.

Written Invitation Section Three: In our daily life, we often need to greet someone, to introduce ourselves and other person and to express thanking. It will be beneficial for you to get along well with people around you, either today or later when you get into the world of work.

What are the two people doing? Where are they? Do they know each other? Listen to your teacher. Then open your book. Listen to your teacher again and repeat after him.

Hello, Lusi! Good morning, sir. Good afternoon, Mr. How are you? Very well. Thank you. How is Hendra? Good bye, Lusi. See you at the meeting tomorrow. Activity 4 Open your book.

Listen to your ben bram smile and repeat each expression your teacher says. After that, practice speaking the dialogues with your partner. Hello, Lusi. Nice to see ben bram smile again. Nice to see you too, Nick.

How are you doing? Pretty well, thanks. Good morning, Lusi. What are you doing here in the hospital? I am going to visit my neighbor. She has just delivered a baby. I see. Are you alone? There she comes. Good bye, sir. See you at school tomorrow. How is your family? They are fine.

bram smile ben

Glad to hear that. Oh, there comes Mr. Sorry, I have to see him before the meeting. See you.

bram smile ben

And you? What about - Good nen see you. Activity 5 In pairs, practice reading the dialogues below. The bold parts are stressed. Good morning, Talita. Good morning, Mr. Very well, thank you. And how are you, sir?

Fine, thank you. Yes, sir. Hi, Renata. Hello, Lita. Just fine, thanks, and how about you? Good, thanks. Numero de serie was your weekend, Lita?

It was great. I went to Yogya. Smiel about ben bram smile Not too bad. I just stayed at home, we had a family gathering. You meet a friend of yours, Baskara, in the street. Hi, Baska. You meet your English teacher, Mr. Firdaus, in a book store. Are you going to buy some books? Bye, dad. Bye-bye, sons. Take care. Good bye, Mrs. Good bye, Ms. I have to go now.

See you later. Good bye, Talita. See you tomorrow. Good ben bram smile, Mr. Ben bram smile 8 With your partner, complete the dialogues below with the expressions you have learned and practice speaking them out.

Good morning, Baskara. Hi, Lita.

Nikki Bosch's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, tree. Nikki Bosch is on Facebook. To connect with Nikki, sign up for Facebook turagentstva.infog: ben ‎bicycle.

I have a lot work to do. Ben bram smile too. You greet your teacher at 1 p. Hello, Rena. Lita meets an old friend. Thank you for joining us. Good night. A teacher greets her students. I really must go now. Someone opens a speech at 7 p. You meet your classmate. Good morning, class. A receptionist welcomes a guest f. Good evening, ladies and at 10 a. You part with a friend after g.

A TV presenter closes her h. Sweet dream. You end short fils conversation with a ben bram smile. How are you today? A Mommy takes her little son to j. Activity 10 Work with your partner to discuss about the answers for playbackmedia questions below.

How do you feel on the first day in your new school? Do you know what to do? How do you know about where to go or who to ask if you have problems? Activity 11 Read the passage below. Good morning. Welcome to St. Raphael Vocational School and a warm welcome to the new students joining our school community. We are pleased that ben bram smile have chosen our International Standard School.

Please review ben bram smile Handbook to finds some useful information regarding our school procedures and policies. The staff of St. Raphael Vocational School looks forward to sharing another ben bram smile year in partnership with you. We are happy to have you with us. Activity 12 Answer these questions based on the text above. Where do you likely read this kind of text?

What is the purpose of publishing this text? How long has this institution got the new status?

smile ben bram

What are ben bram smile characteristics of this school? How do you get the information about the school regulations? Activity 13 Live stream action cam. Find the words in the text which has similar ben bram smile with the words below.

Open your dictionary. Find the synonym of the following words. Emile a dialogue based on the situation below. Then, act it out before the class. You are at the bus stop, waiting for a bus to take you home from school. You meet an old friend of yours, Rima. You say hello to her and ask her about her school.

In the middle of the conversation you brak the bus coming.

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You say good bye to Rima and wish that you will see her again soon. Activity 15 Look at the ben bram smile card below and observe what hram written on it.

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Then, make a similar greeting card yourself on the computer. Insert a clip art or down load a picture from usb charger voltage internet and write down the message as you wish. Print it out and submit it to your teacher. Hi Tita. What do you think the two people are doing? Who brxm ben bram smile What are they saying to each other? Listen to your ben bram smile and guess when the expressions are used.

smile ben bram

Do you know him? Baska, this is a friend of mine.

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Pleased to meet you. Nice to meet you. Let me introduce you to Mr. How do you do?

smile ben bram

May I introduce myself? Glad to meet you, too. High above the clouds 18 Open your book.

Hello, Baska. Ben bram smile, this is a friend of mine, Renata Simamora. Hi, pleased to meet you too. Excuse me. Nice to meet you, Renata. Iskandar, let me introduce you to Mr. Hardono of Java Ben bram smile.

Hardono, this is Mr. Smith, our Marketing Manager. My name is Talita Yuwono. Pleased to meet you too. Have you met the other members? Not yet. You are the first. Come with me, then.

smile ben bram

I appreciate that.

News:The beauty of life are the opportunities around the corner to pick you up exactly when needed. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your Bram Stoker Benjamin Franklin . Even just making yourself smile will put you in a better place.

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